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Cute Stationery Set

I know it's the wrong season for daisy and flower themed items, but I just couldn't stop adding this daisy to everything! I've listed this as a set and also as individual items on my website and etsy.

This is what everything looks like all packaged together. I use eco friendly packaging for everything, and the cello wrap you see is a compostable vegetable starch.

The notebook is an A5 size with 100 gsm paper, and a 200 gsm card cover. The inside is printed with an area to write your name and each page is printed with lines and the little daisy in the bottom corner.

The 25 sheet memo pad is 12.5 x 9cm with 100gsm paper, and a card backing.

The bookmark is printed on 200gsm card with a glossy laminate, and I love how like my cat bookmark, it peeks over the top of the book/journal.

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